Leica 24mm / f3.8 ASPH. (E46)


41cdCKjhD6L. AC  - Leica 24mm / f3.8 ASPH. (E46)
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jPjiA4C - Leica 24mm / f3.8 ASPH. (E46)
The Leica 24mm f/3.8 elmar m aspherical lens is a more compact and economical wide angle option to the 24mm f/2.8 ELMARIT m lens. But even at its initial f-stop of 3.8, contrast and detail rendering are already excellent. This high-performance lens makes it possible to work efficiently in cramped quarters. It adds a more dynamic feeling to close-up pictures and it gives landscape photographs significantly more depth. The lens is optimized for use with the digital M8 camera, and will hardly show any light falloff when set to wide open aperture. At the medium f-stops, the depth of field is so large that it can even reproduce entire scenes in sharp focus. But even when used with a 35mm system, Light falloff at the image edges will be visibly reduced (1.4 stop) when stopping down to F/5.6. This lens has been updated with the “6-bit” Coding, which allows the digital m camera to read this information optically and to identify which lens is being used. The camera can then (optionally) apply a “final stage” Software based vignetting correction

Front & rear Lens caps
Lens hood
Lens hood cover

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