Leica M10-R Digital Rangefinder Camera, Black Chrome (Open Box)


41HJz1qKhgS. AC  - Leica M10-R Digital Rangefinder Camera, Black Chrome (Open Box)
Price: $8,495.00
(as of Aug 10,2021 04:58:25 UTC – Details)

jPjiA4C - Leica M10-R Digital Rangefinder Camera, Black Chrome (Open Box)
Leica Camera introduces a new high-resolution version of the company’s legendary rangefinder camera, expanding vivid creative possibilities from the most human moments in street photography to the most epic landscapes. With its unique 40 megapixel color sensor, the new Leica M10-R delivers enhanced rendition of details to fully explore the optical excellence of the legendary Leica M lenses. This new flagship expands the M10 family, which includes the M10, M10-P, M10-D and M10 Monochrom, and achieves maximum image output without compromising the tenets of M photography.Leica M10-R Redefining image quality – The new 40 megapixel flagship MLeica Camera is excited to introduce the latest version of the company’s legendary rangefinder camera: the Leica M10-R, complete with a new 40 megapixel full frame color sensor and all the improvements of the entire generation of M10 cameras. Each and every engineering development and design accomplishment of 3+ years of M camera development has been distilled into this new model and maximized with the new capabilities brought by this 40 megapixel full frame color image sensor. The M10-R reaches new heights of image quality with even improved high-ISO performance and increased dynamic range.The Leica M10-R matches the resolution of its sibling model, the Leica M10 Monochrom, becoming the new flagship of the ongoing family of M10 cameras. The M10-R allows its users to dive deeper into their images and pull out more de

Leica M10-R 40MP Monochrom Digital Rangefinder Camera (Black) (Open Box) – Battery Charger 100-240V – 2x Power Cords (USA/EU) – Car Charging Cable – Lithium-Ion Battery – Carrying Strap – Body Bayonet Cover – Cover for Accessory Shoe – Leica 2 Year Limited Warranty
New 40MP full frame color sensor for unprecedented image quality with M-Lenses
ISO range of 100 – 50,000 & improved image quality in low light compared to M10/M10-P
Physical design, 3 button layout, ISO dial, and aesthetics of standard M10 with red dot logo
Silent mechanical shutter, touchscreen, and level gauge of M10-P

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